Membership Benefits

The Pellet Fuels Institute is a non-profit trade association that represents the densified biomass fuel industry. Founded in 1982 as the Fiber Fuels Institute, PFI has been advocating for clean, renewable, domestically-produced fuel for over 30 years.

PFI and its member companies have worked to grow and strengthen the densified biomass fuel industry through public and government outreach.

As a member of PFI, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Government Affairs

  • Access to PFI lobbyists and government affairs staff, to include assistance with setting up meetings with elected officials in federal, state and local governments
  • Opportunity to promote PFI’s legislative priorities: extend the 30% tax credit (capped at $1,500) for 75% efficient stoves–a major legislative victory in 2009; secure a production tax credit for the manufacturing of pellets; promote fuel switching (fossil fuel to biomass) for heating applications in residential, commercial and industrial applications
  • Access to guidance specific to regulations and standards that impact the industry (e.g., EPA’s Small Boiler Rule and OSHA’s Combustible Dust Standard)
  • Assistance with planning and executing plant tours, developing lobbying materials and visits with state and local officials

Information, Networking and Education

  • Access to announcements from PFI staff and members regarding events and notices relevant to the industry
  • Opportunity to form relationships with other pellet mills, industry suppliers and potential customers
  • Access to information obtained through association memberships with other organizations domestically and internationally
  • Eligibility to participate in PFI committees or Board of Directors and directly influence the direction of the organization and potentially the industry
  • Ability to participate in PFI-sponsored safety education program


  • Company listing on the PFI website and newsletter 
  • Referrals to potential customers and increased exposure to foreign markets
  • Discounted prices to attend and exhibit at the PFI Annual Conference and other events

PFI Standards, QA/QC

  • Branding of pellets through the PFI Fuel Standards Program, allowing PFI logo to be printed on fuel bags
  • Reduced cost to register and participate in the PFI Fuel Standards Program
  • Ability to participate in and influence standards process and develop a deeper knowledge base

For further information about PFI membership, please contact a member of the PFI Staff.

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